How Perfect is Your Website Design


Website site development has evolved across the internet community but many companies don’t realize how the changes affect their existing site. Over the past 10 years, the effect of new technologies has created new opportunities and new challenges.

The way the internet works today is quite simple from the end-user’s point of view. This is by design. The web is a way to get information from an authority on a subject to help with research, to help with buying decisions, to explore options or for pure entertainment.

The perfect website design will help the user with three basic elements; knowledge of the subject area, ease of navigation within the site and references to related subjects. There are other elements of website design but without these three elements most sites will fail to bring in potential clients.

In 1995, there were about 18,000 web pages on the internet (source: with these basic elements. The cost of developing a website was restrictive, requiring a large outlay of resources. You needed an expert in coding (and there weren’t many) plus the cost of hosting your site was excessive by today’s standards. It was difficult to get your business online. As a result, only large companies and tech savvy upstarts developed websites for the online community.

By 2005, the number of web pages had increased to well over 215,000,000!

Today anyone with an internet connection and a browser enabled device can create a website with no investment in funds.

Competition is great and so is the reward for successfully capturing a spending segment of the over 6 billion users online today. (Source:

How perfect your website design is cannot be measured solely by the look, feel and ease of use. Success is measured by marketing goals. Having a well-designed website is essential and having a strategy in place to get your site in front of buyers will get you ahead of the competition.

In our next segment we’ll discuss, How to Make a Perfect Website Design A Success.

Please leave comments below, if you like, tell us why your website design is perfect or why you disagree.



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