Google to Enforce New Strip Search


Google New Strip Search LogoGoogle will begin to require searchers to strip down to their bare essentials before attempting to use their interface.

Millions of users already search the web in their undies. This new rule would require all users to bare it all for Google.

Google employee, Paul Buschheit, creator of Gmail and suggested originator of the Google’s “Don’t be evil” motto, explains the move as “a revolution in search advertising”.

“Getting everyone undressed is the real intent of Google”, he continues, “I’m without clothes now.” He stated during the telephone interview.

Buschheit, who has been said to be an office hipster, says most people never see anybody anyway so why does it matter if you’re dressed or not.

The strip search has come under fire from a Virginia nudist group. The group holds clothing-optional worship services. “We believe people should worship nude, says pastor who bares it all. “But, Google’s move just doesn’t sit right, it’s a matter of choose.”

Google’s founder and CEO, Larry Page, had no comment.





    • Randolph Melchin on June 3, 2013 at 5:05 pm
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    1. Sorry Randolph for taking so long to reply. I was checking out the OO in Google.

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